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Rail trail bridge detour, New Scotland Road!
March 6 through October 2023, Slingerlands

Click on Map Key for explanations of street colors and icons.

Click on any icon for pop-up information about that location.
Click on any color-coded street for general information about its status and the route to which it belongs.

Click the Help ? icon for advice about features.

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Developed by the Albany Bicycle Coalition
In collaboration with Mohawk Valley GIS and Parks & Trails New York, and
supported by a NY State grant from Assemblymember Patricia Fahy.

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General Instructions

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Map Key

This tool explains icons and color-coded streets while additionally allowing you to select which features to display or hide on the map.

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Get directions using primarily the Albany Bicycle Coalition Preferred Routes.

  1. In the Directions pop-up box, for Start Location and End Location there are three options:
    1. Search for a start/end location by typing in the Address/Place Search... field
    2. Use your GPS/Wi-Fi location by selecting Current Location
    3. Select a point on the map by clicking the Select On Map button, and then clicking on the map at the desired location.
  2. preview of directions functionality
  3. A red A will appear at the start location and a red B will appear at the end location. If you need to make adjustments, you can drag the start and end positions to new locations.
  4. Once a start and end location are selected, click Plan Route.
    A blue line will appear, showing your route.
  5. To remove the planned route, select Clear Route Planner.

NOTE – following the same route in reverse may result in going the wrong way on one-way streets. For the return trip, you should re-plan your route.

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preview of the current location functionality

Shows your current location on the map with a yellow circle.

Select GPS On to show your current location.

If you are using the map on a mobile device, the Current Location icon will update as you travel. If you would like the map to pan to your current location each time it updates, select Keep Map Centered on GPS Position.

Select GPS Off to disable GPS location.

NOTE – Using your GPS for long periods of time may discharge your battery faster than normal.

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Measure Tool

Measure distances to get approximate travel distances.

preview of measure functionality
  1. Position the map so that you can see the end points of your trip.
  2. Click the Measure icon at bottom of screen.
  3. Click Start Measuring
  4. Click the origin of your trip on the map; a red marker will appear.
  5. Click a second point, and additional points if needed. A red line will be drawn and a red marker will appear each time; the distance in the box will be updated.
  6. When finished, click Stop and Clear.


Measure Distance on Map


Start Location

End Location

Map Key/Layers

Use check boxes at left to display/hide features

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gps/location toggle icon GPS
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