bike-friendly routes for New York's capital region
Albany, Rensselaer, Schenectady, and Saratoga counties!

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Safety Notice and Disclaimer
This map seeks to provide suitable low-stress routes for adult cyclists of average ability. It attempts to avoid heavy traffic, and highlights bicycle infrastructure where it exists. However, sharing the road with motor vehicles always has inherent risks.
● Ride defensively; be predictable; obey traffic laws!
● Routes marked "Heavy Traffic" (in red) should be ridden with special caution, and only by experienced adults.
● Click the triangular Caution icons for pop-up safety advice.
● Even multi-use paths have safety challenges - vehicle intersections, pedestrians, winter ice, degraded surfaces.
● Conditions may vary due to construction, weather, or other factors.
Ultimately, cyclists must be responsible for their own safety.
Riding tips
Some routes on CapitalNYBikeMap are circuitous to avoid hazardous areas and heavy traffic. Once you are comfortable riding in traffic, you can “straighten out” portions of routes as desired. Until you are experienced cycling in traffic, avoid busy major arteries. "Heavy traffic streets" needed for long-distance connections are shown in red on the map.

Pavement Conditions
● Be alert for potholes, and cracks running in your direction of travel. Many streets suffer damage from winter conditions.
Shoulders may be in poor condition or may contain debris. You - the bicycle rider - decide whether the shoulder is safe for riding.

Traffic Light Sensors and Pedestrian Signals
When stopped at a red light on a side street: seams in the pavement or a square metal plate indicate sensors under the street, which turn the light green when a motor vehicle is there. They may not respond to bicycles. Either wait for a car to trip the sensor, or use a pedestrian button (on the traffic light post). Press the button and wait for the green light or the walk light.

Traffic Laws
● Bicycles must obey the same traffic signs and signals as motor vehicles.
● Ride on the right in the same direction as motor vehicle traffic.
● Do not ride on the sidewalk (except children under 10; applies to Albany and most cities in our region).
● Riding next to parked cars: allow clearance - watch for doors opening.
● Use hand signals before turning, changing lanes, or stopping (as long as you can steer safely).
● Headlight and taillight are required at night (1/2 hour after sunset, 1/2 hour before sunrise).
● Pedestrians have the right of way.

Shared lane markings on pavement (“sharrows”) alert drivers to your presence. But use caution and keep to the right.

More Traffic Law information for NY State Cyclists

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Designing CapitalNYBikeMap - in Depth
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Why this bike map? Presentation at CDTC, Oct. 25, 2016

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